Mental Health Floating Support

Our Floating Support aims to develop and promote independent living skills mitigating the risk of homelessness and relapse

What is floating support?

  • An allocated support worker will agree specific days and times to visit you in, many cases at your own residence or home
  • The support worker will work to identify your personal needs and create a support plan with your involvement
  • When your needs change, the support plan will be updated to your convenience
  • When we cannot meet your needs, we will find a suitable service to support you
  • Our service will help you to maintain safety in your home or residence requesting attendance to repairs, gardening, DIY if we cannot do it ourselves.

How we can support you?

  • Resettling and transition from existing services to step down or independent accommodation
  • Setting up and managing a tenancy agreement
  • Promoting and developing domestic and life skills
  • Providing general Advocacy and Advice
  • Accessing cultural and religious organisations of your choice
  • Exploring community recreational groups and activities
  • Filling in forms and managing paperwork
  • Support with finance, benefit applications and dealing with queries
  • Support and advice in home repairs and maintenance
  • Accessing education and employment including voluntary and training engagement, to develop positive social networks that will contribute to the community
  • Mental Health and medication compliance monitoring
  • Wellbeing and Recovery
  • Risk reduction and monitoring
  • Personal Care

Our services are person centred and package based with a minimum hours’ approach that is cost effective allowing a 24-hour crisis contingency management support plan